The Mind is a Battle Ground (Part 2) The devil’s goal is to lay a grip on my mind, and now my mind is a #battleground. The devil’s sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. But my mind now is a battle ground! I allowed the devil steal it and now gradually he’s killing it. […]

The Mind is a Battle Ground (Part 1) My mind, oh my mind! My mind seems to have a mind of its own, always popping up unsolicited thoughts like Facebook notifications on my phone when am offline, irrelevant and undesired auto-suggestions that dissipates my attention. It’s quite scary cause I was told that I am […]

THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM There was nothing but darkness He moved upon the face of the dark water-filled earth He called everything into existence And made that which was, and is, and is to come He then dropped His son from His throne Who fell to the earth through a virgin’s loins He […]

SPEAK INTO YOUR LIFE  (Proverbs 18:21a) ”Oh no… I’ll fail that test” A friend once said after writing a physics test. “Why?” We chorused. “I don’t know but I just feel I’ll fail the test” was his response. When the test result was posted, he scored disgracefully low. The teacher was so disappointed as he […]

Now Babel means ‘Confusion’. Men built their tower with high, They wanted it to reach heaven, They thought beyond the sky. But once they had begun to speak, Each using a different word, They all became confused indeed At the strange sounds they heard. ‘What a Babel! ‘ people say, When they hear the voices […]

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April 23, 2017

Noah’s name means ‘comfort ‘, Another meaning is ‘Rest’, And when he took the animals From North, South, East and West, And kept them safely in his ark, He well deserved his name. Within the ark was shelter For every beast who came. The lion was well looked after; The bears and sheep were fed, […]

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April 5, 2017

Enoch was a holy man; They said he walked with God, and thought he was nearer heaven with every step he trod. I should be kind to those in need, pray for the betterment of others and brave as I can be. Then I shall know, as Enoch knew, that God is walking with me.

A Song of Praise From Psalm 148 Praise the Lord, yeah sun and moon. Praise Him, every star,  Praise him in the heights of the heaven,  and where the waters are. Let them all in their own ways- Praise the Lord,  as we would praise.

About the Marvellous World God Created (From Psalm 8) When I look up at the heavens, at the wonderful works of God’s hand, the moon and the stars that he fashioned. I think I can just understand that man is a little below the angels, and God has set him to be in charge of […]

A Psalm About The Sea (Psalm 107) The men who go to work in ships and on the  waters be,  know we’ll the great deeds of the Lord,  His wonders in the sea. They see the stormy winds that blow,  the waves that rear up high; How ships sink down into the depths or seem […]

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