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Have a competitive streak? Do people find you trustworthy? These traits could have to do with your eye color, fascinating research shows. Dark eyes: Less likely to have macular degeneration ESB PROFESSIONAL/SHUTTERSTOCK First and foremost, your eye color meaning can give insight into your overall eye health. People with light-colored eyes had twice the risk […]

If You Constantly Deprive Yourself Of Sleep, This Will Happen To You Burning the night can eventually fry your brain (Barbeque). The brain cells that damage and digest depleted cells and debris go into over drive in mice that are constantly deprived of sleep. In the quick term, this may be advisable – clearing doubtlessly […]

Save Yourself From Heartbreaks, Protect The Unborn From Predicaments As a Pharmacist I’ve seen a lot of people ask questions on their genotype and blood group only when they’re close to getting married. This practice of waiting for the last hour before knowing the inevitable is so wrong and not healthy. Most often than non […]

Sound sleeping: 6 natural ways to stop snoring Ask a man if he snores, and you will hear an infuriating response like “Hey, I don’t hear anything”. It is an impressive obliviousness that can withstand volume reaching up to 80 decibels, “about the same as a vacuum cleaner” says Joseph Kaplan, M.D., Sleep Disorder Centre […]

 REHAB FOR HARMFUL FOODS You do not have to avoid these completely, but watch how much of if you take into your body. PICKLED FOODS A big reason for the drop in stomach cancer over the last century is refrigeration. This has greatly reduced the need to pickling foods to preserve them. Nitrates are often […]

Protein Protein is essential in the human body to build and repair body tissues. It is essential for regulation of metabolism, digestion and maintenance of fluids balance. Antibodies for healthy immune systems are developed with the help of proteins (high resistance to diseases and infections). They are converted to energy if the supply of carbohydrate […]

Simple steps on how to prevent and cure cancer Cancer is a dangerous disease that may attack any part of the body. It is not respected of age, sex, or race. Cancer may develop on any person, but it is more likely to occur after one is thirty-five years of age. In the U.S, 1,000 […]

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