5 Inspirations Gotten From TTO 4×400 Meters Relay Victory The picture below represents the victory of Trinidad and Tobago (TTO) 4×400 meters relay final @ the World Athletics Championship in London 2017. Did you see what their victory faces looks like? Yes it sure looks like Gold! Because they remarkably won and made an history […]

It’s a beautiful day to make you stay inspired. Every one is born with a gift. Everyone has a unique sense of purpose. We all are connected in one way or another, and this connection makes life beautiful. There are times where I would want everything to look and be perfect but funnily they turnout […]

MY AUSPICIOUS DRIVING LESSONS SERIES – Driving yourself to succeed part 1 Hello everyone here’s a motivational boost for the Week, and your deep desire to succeed has called for this beautiful inspiration from me. Just this morning I was lost in the beautiful thoughts of how I’ve been able to keep succeeding despite the […]

Tomorrow Never Dies – Pat Ima Be careful of who you undermine today because you only know what they are today but definitely not what they’ll be tomorrow. Tomorrow determines who a man has grown to become while today shows only what the man is at the moment. Just be careful! You see that house-boy […]

RUSH HOUR- The Race of Life I recall those days when we were much younger, we’ll organize mock races and have someone act as an umpire, then we will all stand in a horizontal line and the umpire will shout “on your mark, get set… GO☞☛”. We could be nine amateur athletes and at the […]

IF I WERE YOU  If I were you I would sit beneath the light of our volunteer chandelier of stars And wander into outer space with the space ship of my imaginations  I would use the colours of my mind To paint intricate images and scenes of my future If I were you I would […]

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April 12, 2017

BUILD A BRIDGE Politics is like an island Everyone knows it’s on high land Having strong gates made of iron It’s as strong as a lion How can the people get to it with no amour? Build a bridge It is on one end and we are on the other We cannot even perceive the […]

LET THEM OUT Poem by Edidiong Emmanuel Trapped at the door of your mind Are creative potentials you’ve left to hide Trying to break forth but you made the blind I am telling you that now is right time To pour those potentials out of the bottle like wine Let them out Those potentials will […]

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March 7, 2017

IS DEATH A GIFT? by Edidiong Emmanuel she’s dead and no more She’s as still as iron ore She’s lying lifeless on the floor She’s left life’s open door She died in your arms To your world, it brought great harm Now, a smile, you won’t dare Because you think life’s not fair There is […]

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